SEP Hackathon: Animal Rescue

How can code help animals in need? Find out at the next SEP Hackathon on Monday, April 18 at Microsoft! Special guests include Vidcode and Shelter Chic Animal Rescue. Schools may register their students on Eventbrite, here. Registration deadline is Thursday, April 14.

  • Coders and animal lovers of all levels are welcome
  • This free event is open to SEP, BASE, and AFSE students only
  • Space is limited

Questions? Contact Amna Siddiqui.

SEP Hackathon: Sugar Shoppe

Get ready for a tasty time as students dream up and code original candy companies! Guided by user experience tips and principles, students will be creating an online experience to show off their businesses while considering the needs of their customers.

SEP Schools from the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, and Staten Island are expected to host more than 600 students between March 19 and April 9. Dates and times vary by school.